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With the sports betting and football betting glossary bet not just another website has been created on the subject of online sports betting.

We started in 2006 under the motto "Success through knowledge!" And pursue this goal as before. This knowledge is to be punished as a beginner is not equal with tart betting losses very important.

Therefore, it is very important for us simply and clearly the numerous technical terms in our sports betting glossary to explain and they always extend to a serving of additional information. Fortunately,  Specifically, here we were very focused on football betting, examples and explanations understandable.

In addition, we regularly report on the competitive online betting market in Germany and Europe in our news. There, we also inform you about news renowned bookmakers. In order to facilitate the entry for absolute beginners, we have the "right bets" workshop launched. There are among other things the 10 golden rules of betting, or even tips on choosing the right bookmaker and at the end of the first bet.

Our other services include still current Preliminary football betting including a betting tips , as well as a first-class odds . Last but not least we have a good selection of very informative books around the theme of sports betting, betting exchanges created and betting strategies. Of course, we are anxious that much knowledge on the subject to offer sports and football betting.

Thus, we are of you, our readers, dependent! Therefore, we put you very fond of telling us your opinion about our products in the form of a comment. You are welcome to us as contact propose further articles or Bet entries. Please never forget that sports betting should be fun, they are the leisure activities serve to football games or other sporting events to make them even more exciting. So bet only the amounts of money that can be tolerated even at a loss!