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With this victory, Seville fans have already been placed in the fifth place in the standings, level on points with Real Madrid, so we must be satisfied with this start to the season.

The continuous Saragossa in the lowest ranks of the classification, but with this victory comes a bit of danger of falling because with 9 points is at the Plaza 14. On major sporting events is also possible to bet even "live", that is going to event, events that may occur during the course (for example, which team will score the next goal).


By the Saragossa was a very important victory, because playing against a direct rival such as Granada and even more to get this win on the road. Seville had a very tough match on Monday against Mall orca, one of the joint is offering best football league in the beginning.

How local is that the online betting numbers have large hands, as they have only won a single match of the 4 they have played to date. The Seville by contrast are a fairly competitive when it goes away. He has won a match, drawn two and lost only one game.

So go for this match will be very complicated. However Seville are favorites for the major bookmakers, and paid 2.37 for a win, while Saragossa is paid by 3.00. The tie is the highest possibility offered three possible 1 × 2, and is being offered a quota of 3.25.

The option seems the most obvious draw, but play both sets mark along the meeting is good option too, which is being paid to 1.83. In the afternoon we will play the rest of the day and chronologically highlights the encounter will face Athletic Madrid against Sauna at the Vicente Calderon from 19:45. The mattress is unstoppable at the start of the campaign. The result for the first time, the number of goals to a higher or lower number set and many other types of outcomes.