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Even with Mobile Poker 2014, there's a Long Way to go

When the subject of mobile poker surfaces, one oft-discussed topic is the developments that the industry has gone through. Players can now multi-table, enjoy more stakes and try more poker variations than ever before. But does this mean that tablet and smartphone poker is at its height already? Even with mobile poker 2014, there's still a long way to go before the industry reaches its technological peak. That said, let's discuss the current assessment of where mobile poker stands.

In Development

While there have been a number of notable advances in the mobile poker world, not all sites feature these developments. At the moment, major poker operations like Full Tilt and PKR don't offer any social functions like a buddy list. Additionally, many mobile poker rooms still don't feature any tournaments.

According to a Gaming Edge study, which rated over a dozen mobile poker sites based on various categories, only one of them scored above 50%, with nobody eclipsing the 70% mark. Areas where many poker sites scored low include 'Lobby,' 'Games,' 'My Account,' 'Social' and 'Tournament.' Lobby, Games and Tournament seem like areas where poker rooms could easily improve their product within the next couple of years.

Looking to the Future

As you can see from the low ratings, there's plenty of room for mobile poker to grow. For one thing, multi-tabling could stand to be improved seeing as how the max number of tables that can be played is normally four. Some sites don't even have any multi-tabling option. Upgrading social features seems like a must too because many wireless players are of the recreational variety.

Taking all of this into account, it will be years before we see the industry reach a level where players have access to truly high-functioning mobile products. But until then, poker players can still enjoy some great service and convenient gaming at mobile poker sites.