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Sizing Up Casino Propositions

Having an intimate knowledge of a specific casino game such as blackjack or roulette is great if you only want to focus on that. However, if you want to become a complete gambler and have the best chance of winning every time you log onto your favorite online casino, the odds are that you need to be flexible. Having the ability to switch from one game to another is an important skill, but to really use it wisely you need an appreciation of your chances in each. While it’s unrealistic to true and learn the intricate details for every casino game in the world, it’s certainly possible to get an overview of some of the more popular games you’ll come across.


By far the most important aspect of any game you should focus on is your chances of winning and you can establish this by looking at the house edge. Each game will offer you a greater or lesser chance of winning and in the following table we’ve highlighted the important numbers for some common games.


Game                                                              House Edge  

Baccarat                                                         Banker 1.06% 

Player  1.24% 

Tie       14.36%           

Blackjack                                                        0.28% 

Caribbean Stud Poker                                               5.22% 

Casino War                                                    Go to war on ties        2.88% 

Surrender on ties       3.70% 

Bet on tie        18.65%           

Craps                                                              Pass/Come      1.41% 

Don’t pass/don’t come          1.36% 

Any craps        11.11%           

Big 6, 8                        9.09% 

Hard 4, 10       11.11%           

Hard 6, 8         9.09% 

Place 6, 8         1.52% 

Place 5, 9         4.00% 

Place 4, 10       6.67% 

Place (to lose) 4, 10    3.03% 

Proposition 2, 12        13.89%           

Proposition 3, 11        11.11%

Proposition 7  16.67%           

Keno                                                               25%-29%        

Pai Gow                                                          1.50% 

Roulette                                                         Single Zero     2.70% 

Double Zero   5.26% 

Slot Machines                                                            2%-15%          

Video Poker   Jacks or Better (Full Pay)        0.46% 


If you’re able to keep this table in mind when you enter a casino you’ll have a much better chance of walking away with a profit. Indeed, if you normally play blackjack but the cards aren’t going your way, it’s useful to know that casino war will offer you a slight better chance of winning than Caribbean Stud poker.